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Todays Special on Android

After Google Bot, Wave Robot and Chrome Extension what next? was the question popping up in my mind. And here I have a answer to it Android. Continuing with the development of Todays Special series, here I present Todays Special as Android Application. Todays Special Android application is build on Android SDK 1.6 as base version.

Todays Special Android application, will provide Word of the Day, Quote of the Day, History of the Day and Joke of the Day along with ability to send and share them with your friends via SMS or EMAIL.

For downloading and trying. Click Todays Special Android application. or

Todays Special

Todays Special

Todays Special

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Today’s Special

Today’s Special, a special menu put by most of the Hotels, Restaurants etc for displaying the list of Special items of the day. On Similar concept I have created this Internet bot agent which serve Quotes, Words etc of the day.

Following are the items that agent currently offers:

  • Quotes of the day
  • Words of the day
  • Historical events of the day
  • Horoscope of the day
  • Joke of the day
  • Cricket Scores

How to use it?

Following are the steps to try and use this agent:

  • First thing you need to have is Google Account and need to use Google Talk.
  • Add as a contact. To Add click onAdd Button button at the bottom of the Google Talk.
  • You should now see in your contacts on gtalk, just like any other friend of yours.

Google Talk

That’s it, now you are all set to use this agent. Open an chat window, just as you do for chatting with any of your friend. But unlike any other friend of yours, this agent friend will reply only to valid commands.

Chat Window


Following are the list of valid commands on which agent will reply.

  1. Quotes: This will fetch list of Quotes for the day.
  2. Words: This will fetch list of Words for the day and their meaning.
  3. History: This will fetch the list of Historical Events for the day.
  4. Horoscope:Sunsign: This will fetch the horoscope based on the Sun sign.  e.g Horoscope:Leo
  5. Joke: This will fetch Joke of the day.
  6. CricketScore: Will give the latest Cricket Score for the games being played.
  7. Help: Will list all the valid commands.

All the information that is returned against each command is obtained from various RSS feeds and is processed to be displayed accordingly.


This agent is in its very early stage, so all those who are interested and are having some thing that they can offer are most welcomed.

Each one of you can contribute to this in various ways:

  • Providing feedback.
  • Discussing and Sharing ideas.
  • Providing with some useful RSS feeds that can be integrated to current solution.

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