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Todays Special on Android

After Google Bot, Wave Robot and Chrome Extension what next? was the question popping up in my mind. And here I have a answer to it Android. Continuing with the development of Todays Special series, here I present Todays Special as Android Application. Todays Special Android application is build on Android SDK 1.6 as base version.

Todays Special Android application, will provide Word of the Day, Quote of the Day, History of the Day and Joke of the Day along with ability to send and share them with your friends via SMS or EMAIL.

For downloading and trying. Click Todays Special Android application. or

Todays Special

Todays Special

Todays Special

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Today’s Special – Google Chrome Extension

After Todays Special Bot and Wave Robot, What next?. was the question that was floating in my mind. And here’s the answer, Google Chrome Extension. Started new year with extending Todays Special as Google Chrome Extension.  Currently only Quote, Word and History are available.

How to use it?

  • Chrome Browser: Currently only Beta and Dev channel version of Chrome support Extension. So 1st step is to have the appropriate Chrome Browser. The compatible Beta channel or the Dev channel is available here.
  • Install Extension: After successful installation of Chrome Browser, its time to install extension. Extension is available as installer on Google Chrome Extension gallery here. Click on the install button and on successful installation you will see icon on the top right corner next to the Address bar as shown below:
  • Now any time you want to see Quote, Word are History of the day click on this icon and window will pop-up serving you.

Congratulations !!! Todays Special Google Chrome Extension is successfully installed on your Chrome Browser and ready to use.

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